Welcome to Roadside Cucina and Cannery!   

One of my life goals was to have a licensed kitchen where I would make a variety of soups, sauces, and baked goods while continuing to teach culinary skills to others, much like I’ve done as a career culinary teacher at Sheboygan Falls High School. This goal was always on my yearly to do list. Other goals were easier to meet, like renting a kitchen and making and selling Augusta’s Antipasto at local farmer’s markets and retailers. But I kept putting my ultimate goal out there, challenging myself to tackle the goal of having my own licensed kitchen and expanding my product line.

My husband John and I finally found our forever home in Manitowoc, WI and it had a large outbuilding on it that I thought could house my dream. I talked to my family about my goals often…...and they were listening! My brother David from Woodworth’s Construction in Kingston, MA advised me to get our property rezoned. He and his son Chris were be willing to pitch in their skills. I was like…….really?!?! Oh boy!  When I talked with my son Zackary (an electrician), he said “I spoke to Uncle David and I will be there to help!” John was more than willing to work with them and keep them supplied with beers when the barbell went off after a hard day of work. I made a menu to make sure that they didn’t go hungry (LOL) and my ultimate goal began to become a reality. After the first day of work, I was so ecstatic that I jumped up and down for the progress that they had all made. The labor was quite intense at times (breaking concrete is no joke) and as with any project, it had its stressful moments. I am forever grateful to my family; John, Zackary, David and Chris for doing the hard work to make my dream come true. I also have to send a big shout out to our friend, Jim Liebel, for coming in and finishing our project. Jim and John enjoyed many beers and meals together in the final stage to get the kitchen ready for state inspection.

As of April, 2019 I am very excited to say Roadside Cucina and Cannery is complete, licensed, and has made its first batches of Augusta’s Antipasto! In the next few months, soups, sauces, pastas, breads, and baked goods will become available at our local Manitowoc Farmers Market and 920 Night Market to start.  My lifelong dream is now a reality. You will see my mother Josephine’s beautiful face on all of our products and they will bear my grandmother’s name of Augusta. My story of learning to cook from these loving, talented, and wonderful ladies still stands and my Italian heritage will always be part of what I do. My hope is that I will continue to make Augusta’s Antipasto while learning and mastering new products that you will love and purchase for your own families.

I want to thank all of my family for their willingness to cook and bake with me often as it has helped me accomplish my goal in being a small business owner. I also look forward to having our grandchildren participate in the business. Keep an eye out for “Cousins Cookies” this summer at our local farmers markets. I also want thank my past Culinary students for their joy and excitement while learning how to cook in my classroom. I have learned so much from all of you too! To all of my current and future customers, I hope you will continue to enjoy Augusta’s Antipasto and come out to local events to taste the rest of the menu and order them for your catering events.

Thank you for your continued support!




Our family version of antipasto began with the second generation “Giordana’s”. They came from Italy to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 1906 and brought with them their Authentic Italian recipes. Our family gatherings traditionally began with antipasto, red wine, garlic bread and animated conversations.

My grandmother and mother were passionate about cooking for their families and it showed by preparation and presentation of delicious traditional Italian dinners. Watching these women cook influenced me in a positive way. I not only have the love for cooking, but the desire to teach and share with others. We have put together our families’ recipe of antipasto to share with all of you.

Antipasto literally means “before the meal”. The main purpose for antipasto was to extend the meal. It started the meal followed by salad, soup, pasta with meat and a light dessert. Each course was enjoyed slowly. The abundance of courses was only part of the experience. The other part was the animated family conversation. The combination of antipasto and conversation maintained our family relationships.

Augusta’s Antipasto is named after my grandma, a picture of my mom decorates the jar and I've named my business to continue the family tradition. We hope you enjoy our antipasto as much as we do.